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Land off Bedford Road – LS1

Land off Bedford Road – LS1

Barratt David Wilson

The planning application submitted to North Hertfordshire District Council by Barratt David Wilson for Land off Bedford Road, Lower Stondon, was approved by the Development Control Committee on 19 September 2019.

The revised proposals include a reduction in the number of homes from 185 to 144 offering a lower density development. It also provides an increased level of green space and improved landscaping around the boundaries of the site.

The 7.08 hectare site was identified in the draft North Hertfordshire Local Plan as suitable for the delivery of new homes.  When the development comes to fruition, the site will help contribute towards the 15,950 new homes North Hertfordshire needs to deliver by 2031.

Please explore the website to learn more about the proposals and call us on 0800 148 8911 if you have any questions.

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