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Land off Bedford Road – LS1


Land off Bedford Road – LS1

There is a growing need for new homes in North Hertfordshire and the draft Local Plan sets a target of 15,950 to be delivered by 2031. Delivery of new homes is important to ensure people can move to the area and people can move within their community.

A Special Cabinet Meeting was called on 10 December to approve a 6 week public consultation on Modifications to the Local Plan proposed by the Inspector.  This is expected to begin at the start of January 2019 with a view to the plan being adopted later in the year.  You can see the report to this meeting at:

The local planning policy for this site requires that any development provides:

  • Appropriate junction access arrangements to Bedford Road
  • Sensitive integration into existing settlements, particularly in terms of design, building orientation and opportunities for cycle and pedestrian access
  • Sensitive incorporation of Footpaths Ickleford 001 & 002 as a green route through and around the edge of the site
  • No residential development within Flood Zone 2 or 3
  • The incorporation of ordinary watercourses (and any appropriate measures) and address existing surface water flood risk issues within comprehensive green infrastructure and / or SUDS approach
  • Development proposals to be informed by site-specific landscape and heritage assessment
  • A development-free buffer along eastern edge of site to minimise harm to adjacent listed building
  • An archaeological survey to be completed prior to development. 

Contributions to local services

While the site is within North Hertfordshire, its near neighbours, Lower Stondon and Henlow, are in Central Bedfordshire. We recognise that residents on either side of the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire boundary may be affected by the proposals and we will ensure that funding is made available for the vital facilities that residents use on both sides - including almost £1m for education alone. A previous, larger application, saw contributions of:

  • Expansion of Derwent Lower School - £322,008
  • Expansion of Henlow Academy Middle School - £274,941
  • Expansion of Samuel Whitbread or Etonbury Upper Schools - £292,409
  • GP Core services - £815 per dwelling
  • Community, Mental Health and Acute Services - £1,630 per dwelling.

The final details of the s106 contribution that will accompany this application are still being negotiated with relevant council officers.


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