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Land off Bedford Road – LS1

Improved proposals

Land off Bedford Road – LS1

The revised proposals involve the delivery of 144 new homes, new open space and a new access onto Bedford Road. They also include:

  • 40% affordable homes – including those for rent and shared ownership, managed by a responsible Housing Association
  • A new access onto Bedford Road
  • New open space and an equipped play area
  • Retention of hedgerows and trees where they are healthy and planting of new trees to replace those lost
  • Additional planting separating the new development from neighbouring dwellings, providing a buffer for existing residents
  • A sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) to manage surface water on-site and flows off-site.

What has changed

Lower density - The revised proposals have addressed concerns raised following the 2017 applcation. The number of units has been reduced from 185 to 144 and this has allowed us to rework the design and create a looser scheme with a lower density particularly towards the southern and eastern edges - this has been accompanied by more green space and landscaping.

Conservation of heritage - We have also increased the separation between the new homes and the Grade II listed Old Ramerick Manor.  The building design is also more reflective of local character in style using vernacular wood cladding.

Measures to tackle speed along Bedford Road - A series of narrowings will now assist pedestrians crossing the road and help maintain a 30mph speed limit to the southern boundary of the site.  Existing footways on the east side of the A600 south of the site will be widened.

Pedestrian bridge - The bridge to/from the play area to the north of the site is being reviewed with officers from Central Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire Dictrict Councils.

In addition we are suggesting that access for construction vehicles should be from the south to avoid them having to go through the village.


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